How To Prevent Forgetting Your Car Keys

Posted on July 27th, 2016

If you’re prone to forgetting where you put your car keys there are systems you can put in place to help you with this. Keeping them in a certain place can help you remember where you left them leaving you more time for other things. Locksmiths Mosman can help if you’ve lost your transponder keys or require a new one. Here’s how to prevent forgetting your car keys.


Have a Specific Spot for Your Keys


Ideally you will have a place for your keys near the door. If you’re always on the run it can be easy to put them back as you enter your home or grab them quickly on your way out. This could be as simple as a bowl or even a key cabinet. Having a particular place for your keys ensures they are always easy to find. Make it into a habit so that you are always putting them back in the same place. This reduces your chances of losing or forgetting them.


Keep them out of Reach


Children and pets have a tendency to play with anything they are not allowed. Keep your keys out of reach from them and never let them play with them. They can even present as a choking hazard for children so it’s best to keep them away. Making sure they are up high and having the habit of always putting them back reduces the risk of children and pets getting to them. As well as a choking hazard they can also get hidden and may turn up in the bottom of the toy box which isn’t particularly helpful if you need to be somewhere.


Embrace Technology


You could use a Bluetooth device to help you locate your car keys if they are around the house. There are many Bluetooth products that can help you locate your car keys with ease. There are apps as well as whistling key rings which are, as the name suggests, activated when you whistle. Think about which technique would work for you to prevent forgetting your car keys.


Spare Sets


Spare keys can be really helpful if you are in a rush. Keep it where you may find it most useful for example at the office or in your bag. You may be able to entrust a neighbour with a spare set for emergencies. If you don’t have a spare key and you’ve locked yours inside your vehicle call an automotive locksmith. They can be in your car within minutes and make you a new key. They also have the capabilities and know-how to program a transponder key to your car so that it will recognise it and start.


It’s best to put systems in place to prevent you from forgetting your car keys. However, we all make mistakes and if you find yourself locked out of your car or the key has bent or snapped in the lock contact Locksmiths Mosman to have it fixed on the spot.