Why Are Security Alarms Technologically Helpful for Your Residence?

Posted on October 14th, 2016

All the proud homeowners are installing Security Alarms in their newly built residences nowadays. It is mainly because Security Alarms provide the second highest security to your house. The highest security involves the type of door lock you fit. At Locksmiths Mosman, we have experienced Locksmiths who provide the best fitting and Installing of Security Alarms to your residences.

Alert Famous Alarm System

There are various types of Alarm Systems available in the markets. There are wireless systems, there are 24/7 monitoring systems that can be controlled using your smartphones and there are video systems with alarms blaring both indoor and outdoor of the premises. All the Alarm Systems come with motion sensors. Some high quality Alarm Systems contain prevention from tampering as well as breaking windows detectors fitted.
Security Alarms come in various parts, such as:

The Control Panel

A control panel is the main body of the entire security system. Many of the systems are battery operated and then there are some with electricity connected. A control panel is mostly fitted on top of the cupboards or any other unreachable places for the burglars. The entire panel is fixed by the technicians and you won’t require to touch or change anything. The motion sensors, detectors and the keypads are all attached to the body.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors have colours that change depending on a person’s movement. There are Infra-Red energy motioned on all the items, furniture present in the room. So when a person or even an animal moves from an item to another, the Infra-Red detects the movement and changes colour accordingly.

The Keypad

The Keypad is important because through it you can switch on or off the alarm. The most common places to install the keypad is next to the entry or the exit doors. The keypad can also detect the settings and the basic reasons for the alarm in case it switches on when you are not present at the premises.

Breaking Windows Detectors

There are many Security Alarms that have Breaking Glass detectors attached. There is a microphone installed inside the system that can detect the sound of shattering glasses, mainly windows and sometimes any glasses can trigger the alarm.
Security Alarms are the ultimate solution to keep your family and your house safe. Spend a little money and get the best security system. At Locksmiths Mosman, we will help you fit Security Alarms of your preference at affordable cost.